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We understand that flexibility is paramount when determining the specific needs of your ship or port facility. Whether security intelligence, safety training, emergency response planning, or incident management and response are at the top of your list, we offer innovative solutions to safeguard passengers and crew along the journey.

MDF Cruises goes above and beyond to exceed expectations by providing unique solutions, such as:

  • Innovative technology solutions such as pre-embarkation screening, onboard facial matching, CCTV and beyond.

  • Security solutions for new build, dry dock, wet dock and ship acquisitions.

  • State-of-the-art security equipment.

  • Vessel maintenance & service facilitation.

  • Charter excursion planning and cruise consultancy.

  • Intrinsic testing of shipboard security systems.

  • Casino security audit and implementation.

  • End-to-end cyber security solutions including risk assessment, preventative technical solutions and incident response.

  • Armed/Unarmed security support in high-risk areas.

  • And others...

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